Anonymous Types & Implicitly Typed Variables:

While writing LINQ queries, there might be situation to return information from several classes. However, when you retrieve information from different class sources in this manner, you cannot retrieve a generic list of your class type because you are not retrieving a specific class type. This is where Anonymous Types step in and make things easier because Anonymous Types allow you to create a class structure on the fly.

When you create an Anonymous Type you need to declare a variable to refer to the object. Since you do not know what type you will be getting (since it is a new and anonymous type), you can declare the variable with the var keyword. This technique is called using an Implicitly Typed Variable.

When writing a LINQ query expression, you may return various pieces of information. You could return all of these data bits and create an Anonymous Type to store them. For example, let’s assume you have a List and each Customer has a BusinessAddress property of type Address. In this situation you want to return the CompanyName and the State where the company is located.


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